Harvest Time!

It’s Harvest time here at the Vineyard the best time in the world. The best grapes make the finest wine. We will be harvesting Pinot Gris and Chardonnay today. For the first time here at Hidden Vineyard we will be turning our Pinot Gris into wine; we have always just sold it before. Fun Fact: The color of wine grapes doesn’t always correspond to the final wine’s color. For instance, white wines can be produced from red or pink grapes. The color extraction happens during fermentation, as the grape skins release their pigments into the juice and with hard work, you can achieve grapeness.

Very productive day here at the Vineyard. Thank you to all the helpers for a great day.🍇

9/4/23 Chardonnay- 1.63 tons

9/4/23 Pinot Gris- 1.13 tons

2.76 total ton CC field blend

This will be HV’s very first white blend wine, we are very excited about it.